Herbal Status

Why legalisation and not decriminalisation? Some cautious and well-meaning people advocate the ‘decriminalisation’ of the possession and cultivation of cannabis for personal use. They accept that the use of cannabis is a victimless ‘crime’ and that the greatest danger posed by use of the herb is its current legal status. But having accepted that personal cannabis use is not a rightful consideration for agents of law enforcement

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Plantem message from Nimbin

Cannabis information and law reform in Australia. Annual political protest rally. MardiGrass Festival first weekend of May. Nimbin Hemp Embassy. MOB MardiGrass Organising Body.

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From the people of this Earth

Today, the hemp industry is offering many alternatives to our oil dependent economy including soap, brick for houses, biofuel, textile for clothing, food, paper, packaging, and cosmetics. The hemp plant is easy to cultivate and demands no pesticides and little water to grow. Although the possibilities are endless, some powerful interests have crippled its progress in our lives for profit made by the oil and pesticide companies. This is why we address this letter ….

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Nimbin Justice Action Group: Larrikin

Mingle Park is where the policing rubber hits the public road: cannabis and mushroom distribution collides with tourist’s intent on transcendental experience.

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I wish to join the Party

I have tried Cannabis and become baked on 4 separate occasions, it is a harmless drug, and being baked is allot like being drunk, but with some differences, there is no hangover if you stay hydrated, and it relaxes you immensely, and depending on whether you take a big hit from a bucket bong or a joint, the high can vary in intensity, a joint makes you relaxed and mellow but still coordinated, using a bong usually makes you blitzed, and very drowsy and and relaxed and often you might fall asleep and wake up refreshed.

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Nimbin Undacuva Enlightened

Some of you will remember the shipment of Nepali charras that came into Oz a few years ago as little ancient temple Buddhas. About 10 cm high they looked like old metal covered in years of candle wax from the temples. In fact they were all solid hash, primo Nepali, coated in Yakfat.

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After a few meetings in Lismore already we were rescued by our angel Anna who is kindly volunteering to submit a 5 year event development application (DA) to Council. ……………

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Best we forget!

2009 will go down as the beginning of the end of the United States drug war.

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