Reaping Gold at Nimbin Prison Farm


New production trials pay off at Nimbin Prison Farm this Spring. Due to the success of Cannabis cultivation techniques, NPF have raised a healthy batch of seedlings now ready to plant out. NPF struck a major deal with a US based franchise; Need-4-Weed, who will spread the Nimbin Prison Farm brand throughout the 16 states that have approved medical marijuana in the USA. Californian medical marijuana patients are fond of Aussie weed and supply can’t keep up with demand.

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Hoodies Down Unda

Hoodies Down Unda

The Unda Brass, drinking vodka in the airport lounge and dressed like fat rich tourists from Florida, were waiting for me when I flew in from Washington, and we have agreed to disagree. I’d been asleep for 8 deep hours thanks to the LA Dispensary lollies and they took me by surprise, but we soon undastood each other. I know too much and so do they. I get to keep the fortnightly cheques (which Pipe claims as the Tribes now!) but they leave me alone in exchange for “certain favors”. Like where the good weed is, and any new big movers. Little chance of that in the land of unorganised crime I said but that’s just what fascinates them.

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Hemp Bullets Exceed Expectations


Hemp bullets are bio-degradable and don’t leave a scar. For small events we recommend the Acapulco Gold and for large scale demonstrations you can’t go past Durban Poison with added THC.

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