High: The True Tale of American Marijuana

One Nation Under The Influence.

Beyond the hysteria of Reefer Madness and past the deceptive lessons of “Just Say No”, HIGH exposes the true story of America’s war on drugs.

http://www.truehigh.com/Using government statistics, expert interviews and a large dose of humor, HIGH takes a fresh look at this hot button issue and asks just how much this “war” costs Americans in money, stress, and even lives.

There’s a violent drug treatment program that tortured children;
an overbearing drug czar that doesn’t care for the people he hurts in his quest;
patients who are being denied the medications they need;
doctors being prosecuted for trying to help them;
and a substance that we all know of, but nobody wants to talk about.

High: The True Tale of American Marijuana.

John Holowach


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