The Law is the Crime


Teenagers today face many pressures and run the risk of having little or no faith in democracy. If President Obama was caught smoking Cannabis then he would have a different job now, or be in prison. Obama smoked Cannabis and did not get caught, as he confessed.
Racial prejudice still exists in America and is evident in the ratio of non-whites in prisons. Cannabis laws are designed to maintain corporate greed and protect religious morals. The money aspect of Medical Marijuana is in focus for a new frontier of exploitation. Displacement of these ideals will take more time yet. And the chemical drug companies can’t afford to miss out on their profit margins.
We must release all those imprisoned for Cannabis alone and remove all records of previous criminal Cannabis convictions. Before any more lives are spoilt by a law that is an injustice.
The law is the crime.


The annual Australian Cannabis law reform rally and gathering on the first weekend of May.


DISPENSE with the Law.


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