Buzz the Fly

A music clip by the Pagan Love Cult.

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Lysergic acid diethylamide: LSD


This refreshingly frank and impartial study of the discovery and development of the notorious hallucinogenic drug is notably free of moral judgemment, and features contributions from such legendary heroes of psychedelia as Albert Hofmann – the Swiss scientist who discovered the drug in 1943

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WELCOME to NIMBIN WAVE. This web site is set up to connect with Google wave. As soon as the set comes in, there will be more to see. Google Wave Federation Protocol

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President Obama on Marijuana.

We must release all those imprisoned for Cannabis alone and remove of all records of previous criminal Cannabis convictions.

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How Marijuana became legal.

In late February, President Obama signaled a new approach. His attorney general, Eric Holder, confirmed at a press conference that he would no longer subject individuals who were complying with state medical marijuana laws to federal drug raids and prosecutions.

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Sunshine Tinctures.

Some people make their “sunshine tinctures” over 2 weeks or longer in the cold weather. Some leave them in the sun for up to 12 weeks. I have never seen a need to go that long myself. Shake each day to mix the herbs in.

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DRUG WARS: Smugglers Report..

Gary Webb and Celerino Castillo, revisited. Former DEA agent Celerino Castillo alleged that during the 1980s Ilopango Airport in El Salvador was used by Contras for drug smuggling flights with the knowledge and complicity of the CIA. These allegations were part of an investigation by the United States Department of Justice Office of the Inspector [...]

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Human Rights, Racial Justice and the Drug War.

Ethan Nadelmann speaks at the 2009 annual NAACP Convention. The talk is on a panel called Smarter Strategies toward Safer Communities.

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BRIX: Stacks of nutrients.

A refractometer is easy to use. You will need something like a garlic squeezer for juicing the plant sample.

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Mexico: Yes weed can.

Mexico Decriminalizes Possesion of Drugs. [youtube] Mexico’s decriminalization of simple possession of marijuana, heroine, LSD, and cocaine. Mexico’s Congress decriminalized the possession of very small quantities of those drugs and now treats simple possession as a public health issue rather than a criminal one. However, sharing, selling, buying, giving away, or in any way exchanging those [...]

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